Why I Write Here?

To connect - with other curious, positive, thoughtful humans.

Most of the interesting conversations I've had on the Internet is from reading something someone wrote. I know there exist, many humans on this planet with deep insights and wisdom derived from a range of experiences. I also have this ever-present awareness that I will never cross paths with a majority of humans during my time here. Other than the numbers issue, many who lead interesting, meaningful lives are not active on the Internet.

But as I write more, I find that I have more chanced conversations with other thoughtful humans. And I want to continue that. If something you read resonates with you, I would love to hear. And I hope we cross paths in some way.

For posterity - a more practical reason for this place is to serve as my home on the Internet. I only started hanging out on the Internet in late 2019. I met people for virtual meetups and they would ask "how do I keep up with you?" or say "I tried to look you up but couldn't find anything online". So, I had to do something about that. I also met people who had blogs going back 5 to 10 years. They inspired me to create a place where I log my journey and perhaps see my thoughts evolve over time.

To practice - thinking in public and working in public. As an introvert this part requires deliberate practice — that much is clear to me. And I want to get better at externalizing my thoughts by writing (and also speaking), in service of the desire to connect with others.  

What to Expect?

💡 Observations. Explanations of concepts I know or learn. Sometimes opinions. Not advice (there is enough of that already on the Internet 😋).

🖊 Short posts. To the point. On topics I've thought a lot about.  

How to Reach me:

We can use this thing call twitter? Currently I do not intend to start a Newsletter out of this website. I thought about adding commenting to posts but so far I haven't found a clean tool which doesn't clutter the reading experience.

In the meantime, if you want to discuss something you read here, reach out on Twitter. I value conversation in small groups or one-on-one, as much as possible. I'm not a famous person — nor do I intend to become one — so this works fine. But if it becomes unmanageable I shall come up with a better solution.

*It seems that I'm allergic to bios. If you noticed that I left out what educational institutions I've attended or professional job titles I've held, that is intentional. But you'll find such subtle signalling of social status embedded in the writing — wherever it's necessary 😋.